Websites To Publish On              For Free!.

Use every opportunity available to practice your writing craft, and how to write it better.   The more you practice your craft of writing, the better you will become. Below you will find 7 websites where you can write for free.  This will help you develop confidence in yourself, and can also grow you a fan base that you can use as a reference in your portfolio to show your writing experience.  So check these sites out and gain a better feel as you write & grow!

Read submission guidelines first and see if this is the right site for you always!

Copy the links and paste them into your browser to go directly to the website to learn more.

1. Wattpad-

2. Inkitt-

3.  Storybird-

4, Commaful-

5. SwoonReads-

6. Smashwords-


8.Fiction Press-

9. Fanfiction-