Plot ! 

I am going to make this very easy for beginning writers to understand. In simple terms, the Plot is simply a link of events that happen to the character that makes your reader keep reading your book. The character is trying to obtain something that seems out of reach, or that another character interferes to keep them from reaching that goal.  But it must be structured. Usually when your story starts you give your reader a taste of what the trouble may be, but not all of it.  You line up events in the character's life that have gotten him/ or her to the point they are at now, and a peek at who's standing in their way. As your reader moves forward in the story you will add more events that happen carrying them on until they reach the end and the prize is won (Or they achieve the goal in spite of the Antagonist) 

     The plot is very important in writing a story.  If you have no plot( Nothing that seems interesting) then you will lose your reader at the very beginning.   They must feel your story is worth reading and want to continue on into the story to see how the heroine/ or hero, handles it all  They want to walk through the pages with them, share their hurts, and triumphs, and rejoice with them when they win.  I am sure you have purchased novels that turned you off from the very first page or chapter.  It was dull reading, nothing exciting mentioned to make you want to read on. You must catch them in the first line, paragraph, or at least the first chapter with "A Narrative Hook"  We will be studying about that Next!

                                   Hook Your Readers With The Narrative Hook "