Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance !

Fiction-  Steps To Writing Fiction

1. Decide what your story is about.  

2.  Where will it take place?  Where your characters live and their environment can often affect your character's emotions and actions.

3. Who are your characters?  Names, habits, personalities

4. What your theme? What are you trying to get across to your reader through this story, is it dealing with issues in society, love, hate, prejudice?

5. Jot down a short summary about your story to see where you want to start and how you will developpe the events leading up to the end.

6. Think about that "Hook" that opening sentence or paragraph that will catch your reader's attention.  It must be a real killer to grab them instantly!

7. Start writing your story. Don't push yourself, just write it the way you' see it in your mind.

8. Continue writing on it every day, a word, a line, a sentence, paragraph, a chapter at a time, until you reach the end.

9. Spell check for grammar and other mistakes. There are many software out now that have grammar checkers that you can download that will catch your mistakes while you are writing.  I recommend ": Grammarly, It's very good.

Steps For Writing Non-Fiction.

The steps are much alike, except In non-fiction, you are writing books about real people and places.  You must be careful to keep your facts correct  You must research everything because this is not fiction but real events, times, people, and places that happened in history!

Writing Romance


Decide your genre(Check back to the many genres listed earlier)

there are many, 

Decide what your story is about, pick your characters, the struggles that are keeping them apart, is it a person, place, ( like environment, a job, family history)

Your theme- what are you trying to say through this story? Are you trying to teach a lesson about life, love, or just a story with no lesson, merely for entertainment?

Then as I said earlier, start writing one step at a time!