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Creative Writing Exam/ Burning Bush Writers Academy- Final Exam

During this exam, you will be on the honor system. Print the Test out and work at your own speed. There will be no one looking over your back. So be true to YOU, that’s the way of a winner!

1. What are the fundamentals of writing?

2.Define what a story is-

3.Who are characters in a story?

4.What is the meaning of the Plot in a story?

5.What is the setting in a story?

6.What does background influence the story?

7.What is meant by “Narrator in a story?

8.Describe “First Person” in a story

9. Describe “Third Person” in a story

10.What is meant by the “A Narrative Hook” in a story?

11. Why does a story need action in it?

12. Does a story need an opening and an ending?

13. Whatis the name of the main character in a story?

14. What is The name of the person who is against the main character?

15. What is meant by character Description, and what is it necessary for your story?

16. What are the different writing Genres?

17. What is Non-Fiction?

18.What is Fiction?

19. What is the definition of Romance?

20.What is “Historical Romance”?

21. The Genre “YA” what does it stand for in writing?

22. Where do story ideas come from?

23. What is Science Fiction in witing?

24.What is Fantasy writing

25. How should a writer handle rejection?

26. What is a story compiled on. One event, or a series of events in the characters life?

27. Do Writers at times need the inspiration to keep writing?

28. What is your dream for yourself as a writer?

29. Write a story opening with a “Narrative Hook”

30. What makes readers want to read more about a particular character?

31. Write a beginning a paragraph opening and describe the setting where your story will happen.

32. Who is stephen King? What type of books does he write?

33. What types of books does J.K Rowling write?

34. What is a book called when it’s written about a real person?

35. Is Fiction truth, or made up stories ?

36. Are emotions important in a story( showing how a character feels, or acts)?

37. What’s it called when the story reaches the high point where everything comes to an

What is the meaning of “Climax”?

38. What is the name of this writing Academy?

39. Why is spelling, grammar and punctuation important in writing?

40. Write a story about a Tomato, using descriptive adjectives , (sight, smell, taste) that would be so real they could almost taste it.

41. Why is it important to ...Believe in yourself?

42. At the beginning I said “Writing is a journey not a _________________
complete the above sentence .

43. Do writers just write and do nothing else, or do they often work many jobs?

44. In two of the videos here, there were black female authors, can you name 2 of them, and at least 2 of their books.

45. What have you gained from your studies here?

46. Why must writing be your passion?

47. As a writer, will you ever stop learning how to be a better writer?

48. What’s the name of my writer's Magazines?

49. If you’ve studied my gallery page, then tell me what genre I write in ?

50. Were the courses here easy or difficult to understand?

51. what is the meaning of POD?

52. What is a query letter?

53. What is a cover letter for?

54. Is a good cover for your book important?

55. What are betta readers?

56. What do publishers do?

57. what is a Blurb?

58. What is the purpose of an editor?

59. How many words make up a Novel?

60. How many words In a Novella?

61. How many words make up a Novelette?

62.How many words make a short story?

63. What makes up the differences between the novel, novelette, novella, and the short story?

64.What is Flash Fiction?

65. What is Dialogue?

66. What is Inner Dialogue?

67.  What is realistic Dialogue?

68. What is outer Dialogue?

69. Define Pace in a story

70.Define ARC

71.  What is a story ARC?

72. What Is Deep Point Of View In Fiction Writing?

You may come back as often as you wish and study the courses again, or take the test over if you feel that you didn’t answer the test question correctly.   There’s no time limit or expiration date!

                                                                          Multiple Choice

                                                                          Exam Questions

What is climax_____________

A. short story
B the end of a story
C. The middle of a story

What is voice

A. The person telling the that story_______________
B. Your way of writing
C. the Plot

What is symbolism________________

A. objects represent something
B. Fantasy
C. Characters

What is Pace________________________

A. How fast you run
B. how well the story moves along
C. Conversation

Where do Stories ideas Come From______________________

A. Anywhere
B.Your instructor
C. The dictionary

What is the hero called in a story___________________________

A. Antagonist
B. Protagonist
C. Friend

What are YA books_______________________

A. Romance
B. Western
C. Si-Fi
D. Books that are written for young adults

Poetry Exam

Name 5 types of poetry with definitions

Is Poetry writing?

Can poetry be used in novels & short stories?

Define Poetry

Write a rhyming poem

What is a sonnet?

What is a limerick?

What is free verse?

What is acrostic?

Do poems show imagery?

How can poetry help in a novel?

Do poems convey messages to the reader?