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     Here you will find answers to your questions about how to write, and do it well. First, How to even get started on writing that book, and get it out of your head & down on paper. So, let's begin!#1 Simply start. Do some writing exercises to get your juices flowing. Is there a story, or idea in your head? Well. Start writing it down. In the beginning don't worry about how it looks or sounds, just write, all the spelling and grammar will come later. First, you must write to see how it feels to write. Enjoy it. Just write. If you don't have ideas in your head, look on the web for writing exercises. Short prompts that will trigger stories in your head. If you are looking for writing prompts, check out Writers You can also write about your own feeling, thoughts, or even your future characters that you want in your story. Set a timer, and write for that amount of time. This will get you accustomed to sitting down and writing on a regular schedule. Don't pressure yourself thinking that, your writing must be perfect like the novel you read. Let me tell you that these writers have been doing it a long time, and at the beginning, they were unsure just like YOU! Practice, practice, practice. Like the saying goes. Practice makes perfect, or almost perfect. No one is perfect, not even the best writers. That's why they have editors, and people who proofread their works. Your writing journey will never end. You will always have questions, and doubts about your writing abilities. But keep the faith in yourself. It's a journey, never a destination. You will always be learning on this journey, and develop better writing skills as you go. So sit down, and get started. Your journey has just begun.

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A Message To Future Students

From Author Shirley Ware!

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For years I had a need to write, I wrote my first novel shortly after college. It was during college, after being inspired by my professors that I developed the skills to write. I am now credited with writing eight young adult novels, and I am near completion of my ninth novel. I am the publisher of Fresh! Literary Magazine, a magazine that publishes teen and adult writers locally and world wide. There were times when I had something noteworthy to say and couldn't say it out loud.

I say to all first time writers, if you have something to say and can't say it out loud, make it known by writing it down. I have written over one hundred poems, short stories and book reviews. Many have won awards and honorable mentions. My inspiration to write comes from my mom. My ability never to give up comes from my dad. I say to all writers, make a differences, write it all down.

                                    Shirley Gerald Ware, Author

****Shirley Is a great Author of Mystery & Suspense Check her books out on         

I can remember my desire to write at a very young age. When I was 10 years old, I would write lyrics, and my sister Janet Crosby (Fears) now, because she was a writer then, she would send my lyrics to a company for publication. Even though the company was not a big known company, they would write back and accept my lyrics as one of their published material, and I would feel so much encouragement to keep on writing. I loved stories with happy endings. Unfortunately at the age of 14, in 1968, my 1st year of High School, Robert Kennedy Jr. was assassinated. I was devastated. This was a politician, one my mother loved deeply, and had hopes of his successful presidency run. And, he lost his life because he was doing what was right, standing up for racial equality. I was so disturbed and so deeply affected, because his brother John F. Kendedy was assassinated just 5 years ago. I can remember waking up early, around 3 AM, because I heard my mother cry out loudly: "They assassinated Robert Kennedy!" She was devastated and this deeply moved me. I was so upset that I started crying and I sat down at the kitchen table and started writing a poem on his behalf. I titled my poem "God Bless America Was Not Said in Vain" and I was so aggravated by his assassination that Janet felt bad for me and she mailed my poem to the White House. I addressed my letter with my poem to President Johnson. I remember asking Janet if she thought the President would receive the letter and if he would write back. And being supportive, Janet said: "Yes, of course!" Well Janet was right! A few weeks later, I received a response from President Johnson's  assistant, expressing the President's appreciation for my poem, and commenting on how our nation mourns and will forever mourn the loss of a great man. I was also informed in this letter that President Johnson had placed my poem in his library, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library in Austin, Texas. I could not have been more proud. The letter from the White House had the actual White House seal on it. Later that year, my English teacher from my High School, Joliet Central, in Joliet Illinois, published my poem in the Joliet Herald Newspaper, including the High School's Congratulations and recognition of my behalf. The High School was surprised the White House wrote back....... Interestingly enough Janet Fears was not surprised.

Seven years later, I had forgotten the exact words to my poem, could not locate the White House's correspondence to me, so I wrote to the White House to see if they could help. Well six weeks later, the White House responded, with a copy of everything that had been sent to me in 1968, along with a statement, informing me that President Johnson had placed my poem, "God Bless America Was Not Said in Vain" in the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library in Austin Texas. I was so proud.

As time went on, I continued to write, became a Health Editor, Medical Writer, asked to sit on various editorial boards, published various health articles online, and presented my research, published work, internationally, etc., etc.

See how Janet Marie Fears started my writing career? I sure hope you allow her and her academy, the Burning Bush Writers Academy - to start and/or enhance your writing career. It will make all the difference because Janet Fears has the Burning Bush Writing Touch! And, she wants to share that gifted touch with you!

Geneva M Edwards


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