Most Popular Genres !

You might be asking yourself what is Genre?   Well, it's a category or the style you wish to write from. It can be art, music, or literature.  Genre says what you like to write in... It's your taste, what you prefer so to speak above anything else.  We will discuss the most popular genres.

Romance-usually about love relationships between two people. The up's and the down's that bring them together, and often tear's them apart.  And usually ending with happiness, as they find their way back to each other.

Action Adventure- usually a story with danger to the hero or heroine. It can come from a person,or even the elements of nature, like a  storm, or location.

Science Fiction-Usually stories dealing with the future, outer space, aliens, or conquering new worlds. 

Fantasy- Stories happening in some far-off kingdom, and deal with myths often passed down through centuries. 

Suspense/Thriller-Books that keep you guessing of who's after the character to bring them bodily harm and how they escape and survive.

Young Adult-( also referred to as YA) Books for adolescents and young adults between 12-18, but often appeal to the older ones too!

New Adult-(NA) "New adult fiction can be seen as something of a crossover

category at the midpoint between YA and adult. This is mirrored by its characters. As the name suggests, they're literally 'new' to being adults: aged in their early twenties, somewhere between a young adult and a 'real adult.

New adult fiction tends to focus on issues such as leaving home, developing sexuality, and negotiating education and career choices. New Adults (NA) books appealing more to college students with plotlines geared to their college life.

Horror  Scary stories appeal to everyone who likes scary stories about escaping and the danger that follows.

Mystery & Crime- Stories where the reader tries to figure out who the culprit is that did the crime and why!

Historical-Stories about factual relationships that took place in history.

Historial Romance A sub-genre of Historial, but involving a conflicted relationship in a factual setting in history.

Westerns- Stories set in the old west with plotlines involving survival, romance, and adventure.

Now You Know That  Books have                                Many  Genre's.